Shisi Huang / 3standardstoppage

3standardstoppage was born in the dilemma period of making choices of how to step in the real world for three MFA graduates. The discussion, debate, negation, and reconstruction about art has been a long-term course for us. In the past two years, we have been based in San Francisco, created a multi-functional (retail) space as a designer clothing boutique, art-book store, art gallery, independent publisher and podcast archivist. 3standardstoppage has been relocating in Beijing and New York since 2019. Based in two most energetic cities in the world, we experiment localizing the original concepts from SF 1.0 store, creating unique crossover collaborations among artists, fashion designers, and creative intellectuals worldwide.

As a subsidiary of 3standardstoppage, Bungee Project | 蹦极计划 is an experimental program that creates a self-sustaining ecology system by taking the role on further thinking, exploring and archiving the path of building variable intellectual constructs from the standard ruler. In the meanwhile, it supports 3standardstoppage’s commercial plan with each other.

Bungee Project | 蹦极计划 Pop-Up Store, as the very first event we host in New York City, is also the first onsite practice and release of Bungee Project. Aiming to create experimental retail experiences, Pop-Up Store will multi-function as a clothing boutique, ArtBook shop, collaborative projects showroom, art exhibition space and live music space, tea tasting lab. It provides a dynamic social platform for creative talents in different majors, explaining a model that proposes a new way of living with experiential art and design marketing. Experiential marketing addresses not simply the wants and needs, but the self-image, social goals, dormant emotions, values and deeply ingrained desires of the consumer.

—— Shisi Huang & Xi Li / 3standardstoppage

June.14 2019


Shisi Huang, Director & Curator, Co-founder of 3standardstoppage
Taylor Gray, Space Designer
Yufei Liu, Production Director
Xi Li, Design Director
Yifei Li, Web Designer
Anyan Wu, Curatorial Coordinator & Press Manager
Kurt Guo, Assistant Curator
Cody Kim, Designer Assistant
Xueqi He, Associate Assistant
Dimi Wu, Associate Assistant
Ben Li, Production Assistant & Press Writer
Icy Yi, Production Assistant
Lee Cheung, Special Supporting
Qingqing Cao, Special Supporting
George Duan, Special Supporting